2,500 KM OF

250 KM

120 KM OF HD

more detailed

Radar vision (SAR)

Accurate vision in most severe conditions
Synthetic aperture radar imagery

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR)

Terrestrial surface point cloud transforming into precise digital surface model

Accurate measurements of terrestrial volumes: quarries, embankments and structures

Multi-spectral imager

Single or multi-sensor spectral imagery
Making the invisible visible to provide objective and precise information

Stabilized day/night camera gimbal

Gyro-stabilized video feed for clear imagery day and night
Optical and digital zoom for target  identification and tracking
Live video downlink up to 100 km

High-res aerial photocamera

Resolutions up to 100 MP with pinpoint accuracy for mapping and other applications
All-weather quality images all across the ISO range
Choice of lenses for optimal viewangle and precision


Precision agriculture
Precision agriculture
Drone assistance brings improving yield margins and increases overall efficiency and effectiveness of farming. With spectral imagery and LIDAR-assisted inspection, a digitized field map is created, providing objective and unbiased information on plant number, plant gaps, plant height, chlorophyll levels, saturation levels, and stressed areas.
Border control and anti-poaching
Border control and anti-poaching
A long-endurance or emergency responsive HD-video camera or radar right up in the sky is invisible, inaudible, not terrain-dependent and impossible to damage. Moving objects are automatically detected, zoomed-in, identified and GPS-positioned for immediate action.
Forestry and wildlife observation
Forestry and wildlife observation
Raybird is capable of patrolling large areas and reaching remote destinations. Whether a surveying vegetation, monitoring wildlife or reacting to accidents – it is always there, providing real-time objective information to preserve the natural resources.
Monitoring pipelines and utilities
Monitoring pipelines and utilities
Orthographic surveys provide digital surface models (DSMs) vital for proper construction of large infrastructure projects. Once built, Raybird system is capable of monitoring changes, identifying leaks of pipelines, locating energy efficiency troubles and many more.
Emergency response, search and rescue
Emergency response, search and rescue
Raybird is ready for immediate launch in minutes’ time and with cruising speed of up to 160 kmph (100 mph) may reach the troublesome destination fast with no respect for traffic, weather or dangerous conditions. Long endurance and night vision allow continuing the search and assisting rescue missions as long as it is needed.
Surveying and mapping
Surveying and mapping
Advanced photogrammetry ensures a most accurate and updated aerial map is created with accurate measurements of length, area, and even volume possible. Real-time aerial mapping provides streaming reconnaissance data for the immediate response.

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